Sunday, August 30, 2009

SEO Revolution 2011

Why is Search Engine Optimization a "must do" activity to a new born website?

When I was still new in the web business and have opened an internet browser for the first time, I felt like a new born baby in a new world with no knowledge of what to do next. I bet everybody experienced the same fate I had. The same feeling is also experienced when you have uploaded your first website and thought that: "Man, the world knows my business now!" LOL... A big mistake for a newbie.

Most webmasters who are newbie in the cyber world think Web Promotion is simple. Then they discover that after several months that his site's traffic statistics shows 10 hits per week and nothing happens to his site. Now, he wonders... "What was the next step after your site has been uploaded in the web?" A great question that is similar to a father with a new born baby asking to himself: "How will I raise this child now?"

Then a webmaster realizes the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The very first step in the field of web marketing.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization's primary function is to research the best keywords appropriate for your site, optimize every page with the right keywords that were chosen before building inbound links to the website. Directory submission is the very first link building campaign after all the optimization rules have been corrected for every web page.

The next thing to do is to conduct a manual link building activity wherein SEO and web marketing teams search for equally themed sites with different Google Page Ranks and link to those pages. A very tedious task and the average time length of doing this may take a couple of months. Results can be seen after 3-6 months and this is the stage that your website ranking per keyword begin to climb up in the search results until it gets to the top 20 spot.

From my viewpoint as a web marketing expert, I have seen that comparing SEO with organic marketing campaign makes a big difference. Once SEO activities were halted for your site, the tendency is that most sites PR (page rank) can go down after a month or even just a couple of weeks. That will alarm webmasters again and start to hire SEO professionals or companies to continue SEO work to their sites and maintain its services for several months again.

My advise is to monitor your content management system throughout your website and all posted ads by using keywords that are in the same web page and avoid keywords stuffing. Add new content on a milestone time table and create articles or blogs that will educate your followers, readers or clients about your business niche. Posts need not be always be in an advertising tone. Providing tips is the best topic that will increase your expertise in your business field and people will start trusting your credibility.

The bottom line here is that always keep in mind every webmaster's credo: "Content is King!"

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